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Investing in businesses is all about investing in people, their visions, and their will power.

Via Space Holdings is a flexible structure enabling select visionary investors with longer investment horizons to strategically position for participation in New Space through a combination of tactical investments in listed entities and strategic stakes through co-investments in private companies.​ Founded by Ying Baron, a 20-year natural resources executive and entrepreneur together with her executive team. 

Via Space Holdings Investment Thesis:

New Space industry poised to be the largest market opportunity, ever, even surpassing the Internet.

We are at a “ 1995, Netscape went public” moment for New Space

Terrestrial analog is “US transcontinental railroad completion combined with homestead act” moment –

it transformed Mid-West and California where before there was nothing!!


Julie Ying Baron

Founder & CEO

"Ideas are great but execution is what gets you where you want to be"

Julie with 20 years commodities experience as trader, originator, entrepreneur, and thought leader, is passionate about the 2nd home of mankind. Her insatiable curiosity drives her to know about Space and what Space can offer to mankind, economically, technologically, philosopically, scientifically; and indeed, about how we can solve for the scarcity of terrestrial resources too.

Julie strives to apply her skillset, network, and business acumen in support of the exceptional entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers carefully identified and diligently screened. 

These, often bootstrapped ventures which have developed great technology, created great teams and perhaps even iterated emerging business models, they often lack time and resources for marketing and fund raising. 

Julie partners with these companies to catapult them to the next level achieving the shared dream.

While there are challenges ahead, yes there is risk, but we have tremendous opportunity for spectacular commercial returns and indeed infinite potential for a better future for all humankind.



Gaia, in Greek Mythology, symbolizes the interconnectedness and vitality of all life, a fitting emblem for an organization dedicated to expanding humanity’s reach and resources beyond Earth.



The first artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957.



The first human to go into space, Yuri Gagarin, was launched, again by the Soviet Union, for a one-orbit journey around Earth on April 12, 1961.

Our Partners
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