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Enabling select visionary investors to strategically position for participation in New Space

Democratizing acces to space resources for a sustainable future

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"Human beings have no future if we don't go into space... Humanity will not survive another 1000 years if we don't escape our planet..."

- Stephen Hawking, Theoretical Physicist & Cosmologist

Via Space Holdings (VSH) offers a flexible framework enabling forward-thinking investors with longer investment horizons to strategically position themselves for participation in New Space.  Through a blend of tactical investments in publicly listed entities and strategic stakes through co-investments in private companies, we empower investors to capitalize on this growing industry.


Our vision is to democratize access to space resources, transforming them from abstract, futuristic ideas into tangible opportunities for all.


We are committed to identifying and nurturing those 'out of this world' ideas that carry the potential to redefine industry norms and unlock a treasure trove of resources from celestial bodies. 

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Focus Investment Areas

Space Mining

Via Space Holdings (VSH) is dedicated to advancing space development, with a special emphasis on sustainable space mining as a solution to address Earth's diminishing resources.

We prioritize leveraging solar, fusion, and water as energy sources to drive sustainable space mining practices to minimize our ecological footprint.

Space Ventures

At Via Space Holdings (VSH), we're hands-on with seeking out and supporting a diverse range of space ventures that propel humanity's journey into space. From satellite technologies, space tourism, asteroid mining, and beyond, we are committed to funding projects that redefine the limits of space exploration. And with that, our investments are more than just financial. They're a pledge to advancing our understanding and capabilities in the cosmos.

Space Technology

Via Space Holdings (VSH) is also deeply involved in the world of space technology. Our passion lies in discovering and backing groundbreaking space technologies that make space exploration and utilization smarter and greener. We're driven by the goal of pushing the boundaries of what's possible in space tech, and along the way, foster transparency, inclusivity, and collaboration throughout the industry.

Space Exploration

Via Space Holdings (VSH) is always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities and ventures in space exploration. Whether it's missions to uncover the mysteries of distant planets, probe asteroids, or investigate cosmic phenomena, we're eager to support endeavors that broaden our knowledge of the universe.

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Why invest into Space Mining?

First and foremost, space is not a zero-sum game. It is not about taking away resources from Earth and spending them elsewhere. Instead, it is a collaborative endeavor that benefits us all.  Much of the infrastructure for space infrastructure will come from space itself or through In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). Plus, initiatives like the Artemis Accord foster international collaboration, making space exploration inherently a win-win for those involved.


Secondly, numerous cutting-edge technologies we rely on today have their roots in space research. From GPS and microchips to MRI, CAT scans, satellite televisions, advanced robotics and even smoke detectors (JPL NASA, 2016), space exploration has led to numerous innovations that enriched our world. This trend of technological advancement driven by space exploration has yielded meaningful products, and will continue to do so in the future.

Lastly, the space sector plays a crucial role in fostering a sustainable future for our planet. By investing in New Space ventures, like Space Mining, we're not only expanding our knowledge of the cosmos but also laying the groundwork for a cleaner, greener Earth.

As we stand at the precipice of this immense opportunity, world-class entrepreneurs, pioneering scientists, the lay-men and YOU are now given a platform to envision BEYOND

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